TMG SteraPak Shoot Stills – 15
TMG SteraPak Shoot Stills – 17
TMG SteraPak Shoot Stills – 24
TMG SteraPak Shoot Stills – 36

When it comes to ensuring that patients are protected in your EMT vehicle, disinfection is one of the most critical steps to address. Pathogens can linger in every corner of your cabins and equipment, posing a hidden threat as you move from patient to patient. These microscopic dangers can result in severe illness and death for both patients and staff on board. Elevate your disinfection with SteraPak.

Every part of the healthcare ecosystem, from emergency transportation to urgent care facilities, deserves a premium disinfection designed to protect from known and emerging pathogens and give patients the fighting chance they need to come out on top. The SteraPak features unique SteraMist technology to deliver a wide array of disinfection advantages without compromise.

  • The SteraPak is ergonomically shaped to comfortably rest on the backs of personnel and lightweight to travel anywhere within and outside of your vehicle – no cord needed.
  • Proprietary BIT Solution compatibility delivers the power of TOMI’s plasma science technology, or ionized Hydrogen Peroxide (iHP™), to any area and surface with a fine mist, avoiding the risk of corrosion, discoloration, and so much more.
  • Whether it’s resting in a small corner, tucked away in an exterior cabinet, or even sitting in the passenger seat, the compact design of the SteraPak makes it easy to store powerful disinfection for any time you may need it.
  • Ultra-easy operation and stowing gives your crew the advantage, allowing any member of your team to efficiently disinfect before or after any shift without complicated training.
  • Disinfect a wide array of pathogens, from Influenza A to emerging pathogens (such as SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus) with SteraMist: an EPA-registered technology trusted around the world.

Protect what matters most by optimizing your disinfection and taking the fight to pathogens with SteraPak portable disinfection.

Learn more here!

Download the SteraPack introductory brochure here (PDF).

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