Technimount System Collaborates with Bio-Med Devices on Development of Mounting System for the TV-100 Ventilator

The photo shows Bracket Pro Serie 101 for TV-100 Ventilator-1.

The Bracket Pro Serie® 101 is a highly flexible, scalable solution designed to meet the needs of EMS and Critical Care Transport teams. (Provided photo)

Technimount System (Technimount), a manufacturer of versatile mounting solutions for portable medical devices, announced the launch of the Bracket Pro Serie® 101 for the TV-100 Ventilator by Bio-Med Devices. Bringing together the strengths of both companies, healthcare providers can now more easily and safely transport their TV-100 Ventilator.

The Bracket Pro Serie® 101 is a highly flexible, scalable solution designed to meet the needs of EMS and Critical Care Transport teams during inter-hospital (ground to air ambulances) and intra-hospital patient transfer. Its universal dual-disc feature enables multiple configurations on stretchers/cots, walls, floors, and surfaces in emergency vehicles, all while providing 360° rotational access to the medical device on Technimount’s Standard Surface Base.

As with all systems in the Bracket Pro Serie® product line, the Bracket Pro Serie® 101 is certified to comply with the highest industry standards and regulations for the secure transport of medical equipment, SAE J3043. With safety as a top priority, the importance of developing a certified bracket was a shared value between Bio-Med Devices and Technimount System.

“The development of the Bracket Pro Serie® 101 with Bio-Med Devices for their TV-100 Ventilator is an achievement we are especially proud of as we’ve seen an increase in the need for protective mounting systems for ventilators,” said Carl Bouchard, Founder & CEO of Technimount System. “With the requirements of Critical Care Transport teams in mind, our aim is to provide them with a flexible and safe solution to make it easier to transport their ventilator and other life-saving equipment.”

“The Bracket Pro Serie® 101 offers paramedics a lightweight solution that seamlessly fits our TV-100 Ventilator, keeping it truly portable.” says Michael MacGregor, Vice President of U.S Sales at Bio-Med Devices. “We’ve seen excellent industry traction with the release of this ventilator, and are excited to offer healthcare providers a mounting solution that has been rigorously tested to comply with industry safety standards, as we have done for our TV-100 Ventilator.”

Technimount’s Bracket Pro Serie® product line also includes a mounting system for Bio-Med Devices Crossvent™ Ventilator, the Bracket Pro Serie® 100.

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