Getac Debuts Next Gen F110

Getac Technology Corporation, a producer of rugged technology, announced the launch of its next generation F110 fully rugged tablet featuring across the board improvements and innovations in processing speed, multi-tasking ability, high-level graphics and mapping capability, display brightness and daylight readability, mass storage operations, network connectivity, durability and ergonomics.

“F110 users can be found on factory floors, at accident scenes, on construction and pipeline laying sites or in other locations with brutal environments such as freezing or blazing skies or driving rain or blinding snow,” said Joe Martin, Director of Getac North America Product Solutions Division.

“Professionals in vertical industries including manufacturing, automotive, public safety, utilities, transportation and logistics demand that upgraded models such as the next gen F110 deliver substantial improvements in speed, connectivity, graphics and other key performance elements right out of the box,” Martin added. “Which is why the new next-gen 2021 F110 was subjected to a complete R&D makeover resulting in, among many other enhancements, increases in processing speeds, overall performance, display brightness and contrast, communications options and user-friendliness.”

Getac Debuts Next Gen F110


Maintaining the mission and the vision

Like every F110 manufactured in Getac’s state-of-the-art factories for nearly a decade, the new 2021 models let end users work effectively in a wide range of challenging indoor, outdoor and off-the-grid environments. Quad-core 11th Generation Intel® Core™ i5/i7 processors coupled with Getac’s proprietary heat-transfer technology deliver extraordinary cool-running speed and performance and effortless multitasking, while integrated Intel® Iris® Xe Graphics ensure a rich visual experience in video applications and razor-sharp reproductions of maps, charts and schematics.

The end products of the streamlined data processing and Iris®  Xe Graphics are displayed to perfection on an upgraded 11.6-inch LumiBond® 2.0 “works even when wet” touchscreen. With up to 1000 nits of brightness, an optional digitizer and Getac’s proprietary daylight readability and anti-glare technology, the new F110 delivers brightness levels and contrast ratios for outdoor bright sunlight readablity.

A comprehensive list of connectivity options include WLAN Wi-Fi 6 for 3x faster data speeds over previous generation F110, Bluetooth 5.2, and WWAN 4G LTE/GPS for fast data transfer and communication from virtually anywhere. The addition of an integrated ThunderboltTM 4 port provides a 40 Gb/s wired connection for expanded end-to-end solution capabilities and a newly redesigned Barcode Reader which greatly increases the F110’s ability to quickly and correctly scan soiled in less than optimal lighting conditions.

The elimination of covers for the twin battery bays makes mounting and dismounting power packs significantly easier even when wearing gloves. Hot swapability allows one battery to remain in use while an additional battery can be charged from a vehicle power inverter for virtually non-stop operation during power outages or while working off the grid.

Stepping up

With its ability to unblinkingly sustain drops to a hard surface while operating extended from four to six feet and a step up to an IP rating of IP66 (full ingress protection from dust and solid objects and the ability to withstand powerful jets of water sprayed out of a 12.5mm nozzle from any direction), the compact next-generation Getac F110 more than lives up to the ”fully rugged”  designation typically only earned by elite full-sized rugged laptops such as the Getac B360. Durability is also assured by its MIL-STD-810H and MIL-STD-461G certifications and 36-month bumper-to-bumper warranty with including accidental damage coverage.

Getac Select for turnkey end-to-end solutions

The one-of-a-kind Getac Select® program combines pre-configured rugged devices, software, accessories, and professional services into complete single-source solutions that streamline operational efficiency across different verticals and workplaces. Some examples particularly appropriate to the F110 include:

Transport, logistics and warehousing

Smooth warehouse operations depend on forklift operators working safely and efficiently with minimal pickup and delivery errors. An F110, mounted to the forklift is equipped with an optional enhanced barcode reader and allows products to be easily scanned with imported data transferred to remote workstations or central servers in real time. As an added employee safety feature, Getac’s Driving Safety Utility1 locks the device’s UI and screen whenever the forklift is in motion, helping to prevent accidents and improve employee safety.

Automotive planning, repair and maintenance

Automotive technicians and mechanics need rugged devices they can rely on to diagnose problems, upload data, and communicate with customers, all from the workshop-floor. The F110’s combination of connectivity options – including Wi-Fi 6 and WWAN 4G LTE/GPS – and integrated webcam and dual microphones makes customer contacts quick, clear and easy, while the F110’s rotating hand strap can be used to convey the tablet throughout the entire workplace without unduly restricting the operator’s use of his hands. The LumiBond® 2.0 touchscreen, operable with a stylus, finger, digitizer, or glove even while wet ensures optimal productivity, while Getac’s Device Monitoring System (GDMS)1 means devices can be monitored, diagnosed and updated remotely to maintain them in peak condition.

Manufacturing shop floor and production

Factory production supervisors require access to critical operational information at all times to ensure maintenance of optimal production. Management planning and decision making also mandate the ability to collect and analyze data from every aspect of the plant. The F110’s multiple connectivity options (including ThunderboltTM 4), rugged reliability and secure carrying accessories mean this information is always at supervisors’ fingertips. Getac’s optional KeyWedge Barcode Reader Utility1 also enables specific pieces of equipment to be scanned with a single click using the F110’s rear camera. An optional RFID reader lets users log the current position of all jobs throughout the facility and feed it back into management systems for full visibility and control.

Meeting and exceeding customer expectations

In addition to improved technical specifications, the next-generation F110 features numerous design improvements to further enhance the user experience. Highlights include backlit hard buttons, relocated expansion and SIM card slots (from rear to side) for easier accessibility, an added camera shutter for better privacy and user-removable SSDs for increased data security.

A full range of compatible accessories include a newly designed detachable backlit keyboard featuring 88 full-size keys and an integrated touchpad for laptop-like operation when performing data-intensive tasks. Other accessories include a shoulder strap, rotating hand strap with kickstand, hard handle and a wide variety of secure office/vehicle docks.


The next-generation Getac F110 will be available in September 2021.

1Getac Driving Safety Utility, Getac Device Monitoring System (GDMS), and KeyWedge Barcode Reader Utility are all individual options for the F110 under Getac Select®. For more information, please visit

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