Emergency Reporting Announces Partnership with Aladtec

Emergency Reporting (ER), the easiest-to-use cloud-based reporting and records management software for Fire and EMS agencies, announces its partnership and integration with Aladtec, the premier employee scheduling and workforce management software for mission-critical agencies such as EMS, fire service, law enforcement, and dispatch.

The Aladtec platform simplifies staff scheduling and puts current schedules with time and attendance tools onto any smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. Through this integration, Aladtec automatically feeds schedule information into Emergency Reporting Daily Rosters, eliminating the time-consuming and error-prone task of duplicating schedule data.

Emergency Reporting CEO David Nokes says that ER partners with industry-leading software companies like Aladtec to connect first responders with the best software products in the world for improved efficiency, response time, operations, and asset management. “Our goal is to make it easy to discover and connect the tools you need to grow with your Fire and EMS reporting and records management solutions,” he said. “We’re thrilled to partner with a top-of-the-line software company like Aladtec and to be able to offer our users a seamless integration between the two systems.”

“Like Emergency Reporting, Aladtec is dedicated to the concept of data interoperability,” said Aladtec President Dave Feyereisen. “Our customers want the best tool for the job, and they want those tools to work together without duplication of effort. By automatically synchronizing data between the Aladtec and ER systems, our customers save time and improve accuracy.”

Feyereisen says that the company continually reviews and acts on customer feedback to improve existing features and develop new ones that help customers work faster and more efficiently. Here are some of the recent improvements made to the Aladtec system:

Staggered Coverage Alerts – when open shifts are required to be offered to members one at a time, like in rotational overtime, an unlimited set of rules can be configured for sending out staggered Coverage Alerts; such as by seniority, total hours worked, last accepted date, and more

Daily Staffing Requirements – automatically determine whether or not members scheduled have the necessary skills and/or experience to meet scheduling requirements, thereby improving efficiency, reducing scheduling errors, and limiting liability

Extra Hours – members can easily record and report holdovers, shift variances, shift adjustments, unscheduled overtime, and missed sign-ups, thus saving time, simplify reporting, and improving accountability

Shift Labels – adding color and label options improve shift identification and allow for easy pattern recognition within schedule rotations

For more information about the Emergency Reporting and Aladtec partnership, visit http://info.emergencyreporting.com/aladtec.

About Emergency Reporting At Emergency Reporting (ER), our mission is to empower first responders worldwide with fast and easy-to-use technology that provides the data needed to keep themselves and their communities safe. Our Records Management and Reporting Software act as the centralized ecosystem that powers an agency’s entire operation, from training and events to incident reporting and compliance, to real-time analytics and performance feedback through data. As the pioneer in cloud-based EMS and fire software, ER has always been the smarter way forward for the Fire Service while also managing to be the most user-friendly solution available. Since 2003, we’ve proudly supported over 750,000 first responders through this mission worldwide – including DoD/military installations and large entities such as NASA, nuclear power plants, and hospitals. For more information, visit www.emergencyreporting.com.

About Aladtec Aladtec provides online scheduling and workforce management software for mission-

critical agencies such as EMS, fire service, law enforcement, and dispatch. The smart platform puts real-time staff scheduling, time, and attendance tools, in the palm of your hand. It tracks licensing and certifications, offers customizable forms and reporting, and allows leaders and members to communicate instantly, saving time and money. Founded in 2003, the River Falls, Wis. firm serves more than 2,300 customers across the U.S. and Canada. Annual subscription includes all set-up, training, and unlimited support. To learn more, visit http://www.aladtec.com.

Media Contact: David Nokes, CEO

[email protected]




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