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Bound Tree Medical

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Your Partner for 40 years

Bound Tree Medical originated 40 years ago, when David Currier, an entrepreneur, politician, and former Emergency Medical Technician, started a small emergency medical supply company in Henniker, New Hampshire. Since Bound Tree’s inception, we’ve worked hard to help EMS providers save minutes and save lives. With over four decades of experience, we are a partner you can count on to provide you with the right products, services and support.

Four Decades of Growth

A strong reputation for quality products and reliable customer service helped the company flourish through the 80s, 90s and early 2000s. In the last decade, a series of strategic mergers and acquisitions further stimulated the company’s growth.

Pharmaceuticals and specialty I.V. therapy products for emergency medical services (EMS) care providers were added to the product mix, and Bound Tree continued expanding its services for the EMS market.

In 2008, Bound Tree Medical and Tri-anim Health Services, Inc., another well-respected medical supply company, became subsidiaries of Sarnova, Inc., a leading specialty provider of healthcare products across the EMS and acute care continuum.

The Story Behind the Name

When David Currier founded Bound Tree Medical, he was serving as a Henniker Selectman. A Selectman is a member of the executive arm of the government of New England towns in the United States. Since the early 1700s, Selectmen have been required to perambulate – to make an official inspection by foot – of the Henniker town boundaries at least every five years.

At the town’s northeast boundary point was a large white oak tree – a bound tree. It had served as a guidepost for the Selectmen since 1752 when what was originally called “Town Number Six” was first surveyed. The historical significance of the tree prompted David to name his new business “Bound Tree Corporation.”

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