CombiCarrierII® Scoop Stretcher / Extrication Board Video

The innovative design of the CombiCarrierII® provides emergency medical and rescue personnel with two products in one, saving valuable storage space, weight and critical budget dollars. Your CombiCarrierII is the ideal solution to meeting new patient transfer requirements. The CombiCarrierII can function as a scoop stretcher and it can also function as an extrication board when the situation calls for it. The CombiCarrierII can be separated into two halves at either end which makes it perfect for applying to patients that have suspected hip, pelvic and spinal injuries. The split-litter design also allows for easy removal once the patient is on the ambulance cot or delivered to the emergency department should that be desired to meet the latest protocols. Built to take a beating, many of the original units are still in operation over 15 years later.

Manufacturer: Hartwell Medical

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