Time is Heart Tissue.

When you’ve got a STEMI on your hands, every second counts. Did you know the odds of survival at one year decrease by 3% for every one minute increase in time to intervention? That’s why Pulsara prioritizes saving time by getting ALL care team members to be on the same page — every step of the way.


Benchmarks for Reporting, QA, & QI


How is your current case performing relative to national standards and facility averages? Pulsara provides the tools you need to measure your performance, and equips your team to make actionable plans to improve.

With Pulsara, simply COLLECT the data you need on ONE dashboard regardless of patient method of arrival, EVALUATE the data with motivating benchmarks, IDENTIFY opportunities for improvement, then STANDARDIZE and COMMUNICATE your goals to your entire team in a meaningful way DURING the case.

With Pulsara, effortlessly track Symptom Onset, First Medical Contact, and Door-to-Balloon times — all critical timestamps along the entire patient journey (even the ones not collected at your facility) are automatically in one place for you, making reporting and goal setting a breeze.


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