410 Medical Announces Launch of LifeFlow PLUS for Emergent Volume Resuscitation

410 Medical, Inc., a medical device company focused on innovative products for resuscitation of critically ill patients, is pleased to announce the U.S. market launch of the LifeFlow® PLUS Blood & Fluid Infuser, the latest addition to the LifeFlow family. In addition to crystalloids, clinicians can use the new LifeFlow PLUS for rapid delivery of blood and blood components.

LifeFlow® PLUS Blood & Fluid Infuser

LifeFlow® PLUS Blood & Fluid Infuser (Provided photo)

Despite advances in trauma care over the last decade, trauma remains the leading cause of death in people under the age of 46. Hemorrhage due to trauma is responsible for 30 to 40% of trauma mortality, and 33 to 56% of these deaths occur during the prehospital period.1 The leading cause of death on the battlefield is uncontrolled hemorrhage, with most causalities occurring prior to arrival at medical facility. While starting blood delivery sooner has been shown to significantly decrease mortality, other devices used to transfuse blood are often slow or large and complex.2,3 LifeFlow PLUS is the first fully portable rapid blood transfusion device that works consistently on a wide range of IV sizes.

“In the field, during transport, or in the hospital, a patient experiencing hemorrhagic shock requires immediate volume resuscitation,” said Kyle Chenet, President and CEO of 410 Medical. “LifeFlow PLUS was designed to allow healthcare providers to quickly stabilize a crashing patient through rapid, controlled delivery of blood or fluids. We look forward to expanding our partners to include more EMS, military, trauma and surgery teams and establishing LifeFlow PLUS as the new standard for volume resuscitation.”

In 2017, 410 Medical launched the LifeFlow Fluid Infuser, an easy-to-use, portable tool for fluid resuscitation in critically ill patients. Over the past three years the Company has partnered with hospitals and EMS agencies to implement LifeFlow in sepsis and other protocols where studies have shown that an early fluid bolus can reduce interventions and save lives. LifeFlow PLUS, with its added ability to deliver blood, enables an essential new benefit for providers and patients. With LifeFlow PLUS a healthcare provider can infuse a unit of blood or 500mL of fluids in 2 minutes, giving healthcare providers the speed, control and simplicity that they need to quickly stabilize a critically ill patient.


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